Supply & Scale up of 3HP

We’re getting one step ahead of TB by making sure that short-course TB preventive therapies reach those who need it the most.

We’re working with manufacturers

so that treatment is available at an affordable cost - one that will allow governments to purchase the drugs for years to come.

We’re ensuring that those at highest risk

of progressing from latent to active TB have access to treatment options that are shorter and easier to adhere to.

Through Unitaid funding, 400,000 patients will be started on 3HP during the grant period. In our 12 project countries, the IMPAACT4TB consortium members will catalyse demand and strengthen health systems to deliver TB preventive therapy, laying the foundation for additional donor/country investments to help provide sustainable funding for 3HP. This scale up will help to further reduce the price of 3HP and lead to global uptake for all household contacts and PLHIV beyond the project countries.

Unitaid’s investments are designed to support low-income country programmes and activities that cannot be addressed through country allocations alone in order to catalyse public health impact. By catalyzing the market for and public health impact of scaling up 3HP, the IMPAACT4TB consortium will align with UNITAID’s objective of enabling preventive treatment for high risk groups.

If we invest in these new short-course preventive therapies, the current market for treatment of latent TB could expand to over five million people per year.